The Week

The Week

The Week


Musicians will arrive Sunday afternoon, pitch their tents and get stuck into the music. On the first night, the tutors will put on a concert to set the tone for the week and give everyone a chance to get to know each other. Sessions begin on Monday morning. Each musician will take part in three different sessions based around their preferences, an orchestral ensemble that includes everyone on camp and various other one-off drama-based and fun activities throughout the week.

Clonter Opera Theatre Address

Swettenham Heath, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2LR


The sessions on offer typically include:

Funk & Soul, Strings, Rock & Pop, Folk & World, Woodwind, Brass, Beatboxing, Pianos, Guitars, Electronica, Accordions, Songwriting, Improvisation, Pop Choir, Samba, Big Band and Percussion. There will be plenty of opportunities to give your input throughout the week.


All the music rehearsed in the scheduled sessions during the week will be performed in a full, professional show on the Saturday before everyone leaves. This will be a ticketed public event, with friends and family getting first choice on tickets.

In addition to this, there will be different concerts taking place for everyone on camp every night. These concerts are an opportunity for the musicians to perform whatever they like. This can be solo material they have learnt prior to coming to camp, such as grade pieces, or songs they have practiced or written.

A major aim of camp is to foster creativity, so we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to work on original material. There will be time set aside during the week for this kind of creativity to take place, with all the necessary equipment, space, and tutors on hand.

Master Classes

There will be various master classes throughout the week that musicians can choose to attend. These will be instrument specific and will provide musicians with the opportunity to learn more about their chosen instrument, see it played to a virtuosic level and get valuable tips and advice from a professional musician. Although tutors will be available all day every day, the master classes serve as a good forum to get playing advice in a more formal setting. As an example, it is a chance for six or seven bass players to get together in a studio and talk constantly about slap bass, without boring the rest of the camp!